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Vol 6 Ana our student ambassador: Travelling in Finland

Juan and me in Helsinki Cathedral.
Marina and me in the Vaasa seaport.

Hey hey!

Today I want to talk you about the different travels which we can do from Seinäjoki.

First of all, I should say that I have done only some travels from the moment, because as you
know, I will stay here the whole year, so I am planning different travels until May.

First of all, only some days after arrived to Seinäjoki, I travelled to Vaasa with my friends. Vaasa
is on the west coast of Finland, and has a population of 67,465 inhabitants. Also, it is the
regional capital of Ostrobothnia. We chose Vaasa because we wanted to see the coast in
Finland, and also because we knew that it is one of the most famous cities in Finland, so we
wanted to see it. We went by train, and after arrived we visited a church, then we visited the
city centre, and finally we walked through the sea and we took lots of pictures. Before leave,
we had a coffee in the Vaasa Market Square enjoying the good weather which offered us the
Finnish´s last summer days.

My second travel was to Helsinki, on 5th October, when my boyfriend came here to visit me. As
I reflected in my 4th post, when I arrived to Helsinki traveling to Seinäjoki, I hadn´t got enough
time to visit the city, so I thought that October would be a good date to do that. So on 5th
December I went to Helsinki, and during this travel I was surprised by the entire city but mainly
by one of the places I visited. We visited the Senate Square, which is composed by: The
Cathedral, National Library of Finland, the Main building of the University of Helsinki, and the
Government Palace. We also visited the Old Market hall, because I love the food old markets.
All these places were beautiful, but the one which made me fall in love, was the National
Library of Finland. On the outside it is a nice building, but when you enter you discover a nice
building, and also a place full of colour, where you can enjoy reading a book quietly, while
enjoying the internal heat, seeing the green landscape through one of its large windows.

My third travel has been to Lapland. I have visited Lapland the last weekend, and it was an
incredible trip, but I will write a whole post to talk you about this nice experience.

Finally, I´m planning new travels through Finland, and also from Finland to another countries,
like Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Russia, for the next semester, so I hope to write you about it here.
In conclusion, I can say that Finland is a very nice country to travel, and also it is a country
which makes easy the trips around the country. Furthermore, for me it´s easy to travel to other
countries which are more difficult to visit from my country, so I will take full advantage of this
opportunity during my stay.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this post, as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and if you have
any question, or suggestion (even recommendations of places to visit), don´t hesitate to
contact me.

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