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Why would I recommend my courses


Hello everyone,

today I would like to talk about my studies in general. I would like to say why I chose to study „International Management“ in Germany. I would also like to mention what I would have made different in my studies if I would have known before.

So in Germany I am a student of „Hochschule Düsseldorf“ and I study „International Management“. My studies in Germany take 3 ½ years. Actually 3 years are the time of many other studies in Germany but mine is 3 ½ years because the 5th semester is an integrated semester abroad. This means studying „International Management“ at the University of Applied Science forces us students to do a semester abroad.

In Germany we don’t have actual school fees but every 6 month (a semester is 6 months long) we need to pay around € 300. The € 300 mainly consists of our public transports ticket. Other parts of the € 300 are fees for the student union and the usage of the sports hall.

Why did I choose to Study „International Management“?

First of all I can say that I took the perfect decision in my point of view. I did my A-levels in Business for 3 years and in these 3 years i recognized that I want to do something with Business. I also realised that Business is the world we live in. Everything we do has something to do with money and business. I could have studied „Business Administration“ for 3 years but in these 3 years I wouldn’t have languages. I knew since ever that I would like to do something language related in my future and also in my studies. For that reason the basic „Business Administration“-studies was not an option for me. „International Management“ was the perfect choice for me because throughout my whole studies I have english and in the first 2 years of my studies I could choose to have spanish or french. I chose spanish. So I had spanish for 2 years in my studies. Believe it or not, english is the world leading language and it just vital to know how to speak english (atleast the basics!). To study in English was one of my main aspects when looking for a course to study. Two years ago I didn’t think of doing my whole studies abroad. Now I would recommend to do a whole study abroad for so many reasons. International Management is not just a „basic study“ for me. In Germany I can say that many people study „Business Administration“ right after their A-levels simply because they don’t know what to study after their A-Levels. I had the blessing to have had a business A-Level and therefore i already got insights into this area. I personally think that with this studies you can do everything you like. You can work everywhere you want because you get the basics of business. It might be hard to become a Doctor or a lawyer with a business degree (because you need to study medicine or law for these 2 fields) but besides that everything is open to one, when one studies business.

Right now, I am at the beginning of my 3rd year and the end is approaching. Currently, I am doing my 5th semester abroad at SeAMK (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences). In another Blog I will tell you how I got to SeAMK. At SeAMK my whole studies are in english and I absolutely love it. That is what I have wished for all the time. In Germany I have only selected courses in English but the main teaching language is german. To be honest I prefer having my studies in english than in german. Having studies in english helps broadening my vocabulary not only in professional language but also in everyday language. At SeAMK I am an exchange student and I study with many other exchange students from all over the world. Most definitely we all have different levels of english and we all have different vocabulary. In an environment like that it is easy to learn from each other and it makes the communication in english so much fun and easy.

I wouldn’t just recommend business studies because I study it but because it opens many doors for one in the future. Unless you would like to become a doctor, lawyer or a teacher in the future, then you should study medicine, law or education.

Stay tuned & feel free to contact me in case of any questions!

Lovely regards,


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