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Vol 8 Ana our student ambassador: Weather in Finland

At Artic Circle (from left to right: Martín, Ana, and Marina).

Hey hey!

Today, I want to talk you about the weather in Finland.

Before chose Finland to study I was very scared about the weather because I knew that in Finland the weather is very cold in winter and I am very sensitive to cold, but I continued looking for information and I found some details, which I will explain now.
A quarter of Finland is in the Arctic Circle, and due to its situation, Finland has four different seasons. During the winter months, especially in January and February, the most common temperature is -20 º C.

At the beginning, this data scared me a bit, but stepwise I realized that it was another factor that called me a lot of attention, as it was very different from my place of origin, where the normal temperature in winter can be 8 º C. Finally, this motive was one of the main ones to choose Finland as my Erasmus country. I knew it would be hard, but for that I was going to buy the best prepared clothes for the cold.

Before traveling to Seinäjoki, I searched for information on the most suitable outerwear in Finland, finding many tips on the Internet. Thanks to these tips I was able to choose the most suitable clothes at this temperature, and that nowadays is essential to go out on the street. At the moment with the clothes that suit is enough and not cold passage. These are my essentials when leaving home: coat that holds up to -20 º C, snow gloves (or snow mittens which I bought in Seinäjoki), hat, very warm socks, and boots with the inside lined.

To decide what clothes to bring, also helped me a friend who studied here the previous year, she is Susana, who has given me and I still give very useful advices, but what I always remember is the insistence that she made about the sole of the boots: She used to tell me that the boots had to have a good grip , and now I realize that it is very necessary, because these days there is a little snow and also there is ice on the ground so it slides a lot. For these reasons, it is necessary to come very warm to Finland.

Furthermore, I want to say that when arrived to Seinäjoki we had very good days, and it was usual to see the sun shine. Now the sun does not usually come out, and usually dawns about 09:45, and dusk on the 15:00 so we have very few hours of light, but we can take more time to do activities at home with our friends, while we see snow drinking a nice hot drink.

Finally, I have to say that at the moment I am loving the time of Finland, although I am looking forward to seeing more and more snow on the street, which will soon arrive.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this post, and if you have any question, or suggestion don´t hesitate to contact me.

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