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Vol 7 Ana our student ambassador: Sport's Seinäjoki

SEK- TPS football match on 13th September.

Hey hey!!

Today I want to talk you about the different sports that we can play and see in Seinäjoki.

First of all, I have to say that I am a sports lover, and I try to have time to practise some sports because it is the best way to make me relaxed and happy.

When I arrived to Seinäjoki I looked for some sports to do, because I usually practise Zumba in Spain, and I realised that here I could practise it, and also, I felt that there were many sports that I would like to practise in Seinäjoki. As I said in another posts, there are a lot of differences between Spain and Finland, and one of them is the sports that practise each country.

At the Faculty we have a gym, a Ping Pong table, and different sports with SAMO. I had tried Zumba, Yoga (which was funny because these lessons were in Finnish and I tried to understand everything by the gestures that the teacher did, and finally when the class finish I was really saturated), HIIT Workout, Core Workout, and I really loved it, because there are many people, and also we usually practise these activities with Spanish music, which make me feel as at home.

On 13th September, the day of my birthday, I went with my friends to the OmaSP Stadion to watch the game SJK Seinäjoki-TPS Turku, which ended with the home team’s 1-0 victory. It was very funny because we tried to understand something when the fans shouted, but we did not get it. Then we went to celebrate my birthday and of course the victory!

Finally, the last sport which I have seen here was an Ice Hockey match. It was my first time in an ice hockey match and I loved it, because in my opinion it is a very quickly sport, where they should be very agile to have the hockey disk, and the spectators also need to be very agile to follow the disk hockey with the eyes.

I want to see more different sports here, and I will continue practising these sports which I liked on the second semester, because I like it and also, we can practise it just opposite home, at the campus library!!

I hope all of you have enjoyed this post, as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and if you have any question, or suggestion I will be happy writing you some answer ?

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