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Vol 10 Ana our student ambassador: Free time in Seinäjoki

Thematic cabins in Aalto Library.

Hey hey!

Today, I am going to talk you about free time in Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki is a small city with all the facilities of a big city. Here we can find different shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and different activities to do during the free time.

Since I came to Seinäjoki I met different people, and when we have free time we usually spend it together. The activity which we usually do most, is going to Valkoinen Puu Café & Shop which is in the city centre and there we can taste different cakes with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate. We like this plan because as I said before, Seinäjoki is cold and it is a perfect (and warm) plan to be with friends having fun. Also, after Valkoinen Puu, we usually go shopping, because near this place there are lots of clothes shops, and we love this plan, so just do it.

Furthermore, Seinäjoki is a very nature city with many forests, a big river, and also a big lake. We can go walking to the big lake, which is a bit far, but it is a good plan, because to come there, there is a beautiful way, with lots of trees and bird sounds, so it is a relax plan for the weekends. On the lake, we can play outdoors with frisbees, as well as playing with the ball, or taking pictures, among other activities.

Another, and one of my favourite activities is going to “Aalto library”. It is a place to be relax with friends, or by your own reading a good book, playing music, and even playing bingo, while you enjoy the beautiful views from the large windows. It is one of my favourite places in Seinäjoki, because is the most modern library which I have ever seen, and the people there, is very relax, and happy. The children have big places to play with other children, and they have thematic cabins where they can read their favourite books, feeling in the real scenario.

On weekends night, we love going to the karaoke where we sing during hours English and Spanish songs, and we play some table games. Then, we can go to the disco where we can find some Spanish songs, and some Finnish songs which we almost “know”. We can go to the disco on Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday night.

And finally, during our free time we can practise some sports (as I mentioned in last posts), going to the sauna (we have one on Puskantie 38), and of course we can travel, taking advance of the opportunities which, this country offers us to travel a lot, with a big transportation network.

In conclusion, I can say that Seinäjoki is a calm city and at the same time a funny city, where we can enjoy a lot of our great Erasmus experience doing different activities that suit all pleasures.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, as much as I did writing it, and if you have any question, do not hesitate to write a comment, I will be happy answering you.

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