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Internship at SeAMK helped to find out some hidden talents

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My name is Yen Doan, I am from Vietnam, and I am 22 years old. I recently graduated from the BBA programme in International Business at SeAMK.

I arrived in Finland 3 years ago. I decided to study here due to the high standard of education and their international reputation.

During my time as a student, I had the opportunity to complete my BBA programme intership at SeAMK. My role was an assistant for the IB programme in the faculty of Business and Culture. SeAMK came to be like a second home to me. The work environment and my colleagues became very familiar to me. Making this one of my best working experience I ever had.

My working experience at SeAMK

Previous to my internship, I had some work experience. In Vietnam I worked as a teacher assistant besides other part time job. Working at SeAMK was indeed a highly professional environment. During this internship, I learned a lot about the working culture in Finland and practiced other professional skills. As an assistant for the IB programme, some of my main tasks were IT assistance for online training, student guidance regarding living in Finland, participating in organising various events and fairs, assistance tasks in the SeAMK marketing department and international office.

By nature, my personality is to be introvert. Thanks to this internship, I was able to make adjustments in my personality. I needed to grow and put myself out there, to be able to perform better at work. Often, I was able to communicate with other IB students, and the fellowship with SeAMK staff is invaluable. Due to that, I could develop communication skills and become more active, for example doing some volunteer work, and taking part in social activities. I also realised that I am good at managing social media, so I did some marketing after making a series about SeAMK on TikTok. I think being active and opening networks are important for my future as a BBA graduate.

My favorite task was to be able to help international students when they first arrive to Finland. It is a very important task. I remember when I first arrived to Finland ,I had so many questions and needed to learn how things work.

In conclusion, having an internship at SeAMK helped me to find out some hidden talents to improve my confidence and to gain many new friends. I appreciate the opportunity given to me and I will recommend other students to apply for this role in the future.

Yen Doan
SeAMK Alumnus
BBA programme in International Business