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Gym at SeAMK


What do you like doing in your freetime? I personally love doing sports and being active! So that is what I am basically going to talk about in this blog. I hope you all are doing fine and I also hope that you are all fully enjoying the last month of this year.

I think every human being on this earth has something that he/she loves. Some people love cooking, some people love watching movies, some people love sleeping, some people love doing sports, some people love dancing, some people love going for a walk, some people love taking pictures and many other activities. I found my love in sports. In my previous blog I mentioned that I play soccer in a team in germany. Yes, I basically have a passion for soccer. For me soccer is the best sport. I also love to dance but soccer wins!

Doing a semester abroad I unfortunately can’t play soccer as I do in Germany. I really miss it but then I found SamoSports. SamoSports is an organisation at SeAMK which offers many sport activities on different days of the week. Every Thursday I am able to play futsal. Futsal is soccer played indoors. It is not completely the same as I play in Germany but at least i got to kick the ball. Unfortunately, Futsal only takes places once a week. For that reason I decided to go for jogging every morning. I really loved going for jogging because of the nature around SeAMK. It is so relaxing and beautiful to go for jogging over here. But then it started snowing and I needed to find a replacement for jogging outside. I started remembering that SeAMK offers a free gym for us students! In Germany I don’t go the gym simply because I play soccer and i am well occupied with that. I still wanted to do sports so badly eventhough it is snowing, so I decided to use the gym. I have been going to the gym almost 2 x a week now and I can now say: I absolutely love the gym!

The gym at SeAMK opens at 7 am and closes at 9:30 pm. I prefer visiting the gym at times where it is less busy. My reason for that is that the gym is small and when a lot of people are there, one needs to pay more attention to others because of the usage of the gym tools. The gym is really clean and has a lot of equipment to offer for everyone visiting the gym. In the corridor of the gym one can also play tennis, there is a table tennis table. Inside the gym there is a CD-player with a bluetooth and usb connection to play music from our smart devices if we want to. There is also a sink in the gym.

I love the gym because the first time I entered I saw 3 posters which are so motivating: the one poster says „the body achieves what the mind believes.“, the other poster says „you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.“ and the other poster says „be the energy you want to attract.“

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