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When someone asks Finns where Santa Claus comes from, they will not hesitate to answer Korvantunturi (“Ear Fell”) in Finnish, in Lapland.

Hei, my friends!

Time flies like an arrow. It seems like we do not have time to regret any things happening in the past anymore. So, why don’t we enjoy and be harmony ourselves to welcome the upcoming biggest event in the year. Let’s countdown to Christmas and New Year.

Obviously, there are several wonderful, secret, and mysterious stories related to two events. However, I truly believe that each and every person is curious about the Santa Claus’s stories and so do I.

The Dutch call him Sinterklaas, and in Germany, he goes by the lovely name of Weihnachtsmann. And you might know him simply as Santa.

Picture 1: Christmas is all around (Source: Pixabay).

As you can see, he is known as the man having a lot of names, and many countries claim him as their own. According to BBC travel, St Nicholas, the generous medieval Christian saint believed to be the inspiration behind the modern-day Santa Claus, was bishop of the small Roman town of Myra in the 4th Century in what is now, Turkey. And although the location of his remains is contested – some believe they are in Italy while others claim he’s buried in Ireland – in October 2017 Turkish archaeologists discovered a tomb underneath the St Nicholas Church in the province of Antalya, not far from the ruins of ancient Myra, which they believe belongs to St Nicholas himself (Does Santa Claus come from Finland, 2017).


Of course, in Finnish Lapland – Rovaniemi, it has the Santa’s Main Post Office where Santa Claus receive more than half a million cards, letter, and packages each Christmas as well as more than 30,000 a day during the holiday season. Can you imagine that how busy he is!

Picture 2: Reindeer – Santa Claus’s friend (Source: Pixabay).

According to the Finnish culture, writing a letter to Santa which is considered as one of the most important part of Christmas preparations for Finnish children no matter how old they are. Children write and tell not only the topics about their daily life but also their wish lists, ranging from the messengers from kids who just have started to learn to write to longer compositions by the older ones.

Picture 3: Rovaniemi Tourist Office (Source: Internet).


I am pretty sure that youngsters, teenagers, and adults, even elderly people always have had the dream to come, meet, and talk to Santa Claus. The Official Hometown of Santa is located in Rovaniemi, Lapland, and the city is one of the most famous destinations in Finland attracting more than 500,000 annual visitors from all around the world, particularly in Christmas time.

Picture 4: Santa Claus and children (Source: internet).

As usual, Santa Claus spends almost his time at the Santa Claus Village every single day of the year to accomplish his mission in life; to enhance and ensure the well-being of children, spread the best wishes, message of love, and goodwill; and the Christmas Spirit around the globe as well.


It is quite easy for everyone to visit the Santa Claus Village. It opens every day of the year so it is convenient for the holiday lovers to arrange their schedule. When arriving in Rovaniemi, people can catch bus number 8 or Santa’s Express which leave hourly from Rovaniemi city centre. If you do not want to take bus, taxi, car or walking is other ways to come there. The distance is around 8 km from the central city and 3 km from the airport.

Picture 5: Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi (Source: internet).

However, you should check the detailed opening hours to ensure he is available.

For further information about Santa Claus’ trip, you can check it out as the link below

I hope my story about Santa Claus that can inspire the Christmas spirit to you deeply and completely.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Vy Tran, Student Ambassador