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Today, I would like to introduce you about Seinäjoki University of Applied Science Library. This is the combination of two units between SeAMK Libray in Seinäjoki and Agriculture Libary in Ilmajoki. The libraries open to serve for everyone from monday to friday, 9am – 6pm. Besides, the library collections include numerous books both in printed and electronic form in many fields, ranging from professional and scholarly literature to journals. According to the report in 2017, the printed books are 68 644 collections and for the collection of E – books are 302 009. Therefore, the readers are quite easy to find the material based on their hobbies and their demands.


To be honest, I am so impressive with SeAMK Library in Seinäjoki on Frami F Campus, especially the modern facilities, equipment, and friendly staffs. There, it has the work spaces for students (where they can study in group or individual), computers, and multifunction printer for printing, copying, and scanning which can be used easily. Most importantly, when studying in the SeAMK Library, I always feel like as my home and as fresh as a daisy because it has not only the friendly and warmly atmosphere but also the green and grey colour are its main theme.

Picture 1: Studying atmosphere in SeAMK Library.
Picture 2: Studying seats.

On the other hand, the basic and important target of the library is bringing the convenient and good services to each and every individual so students can use 1 library card for 2 libraries. Moreover, you can borrow books from both libraries and return them whichever library you want by making the requesting and choosing the pickup place.

Picture 3: Check in and check out counter

The most interesting thing in the library is when my loans is going to be due soon, I will receive the courtesy notice from the library 4 days in advance. I suppose it is very useful and necessary for the person who is always busy to remember everything properly.

And here is the email which the library will send to the readers.

Picture 4: Courtesy Notice.

As you can see, there are some specific reasons to own the library card. Particularly, for those, who are the book lovers or the students, the library card is considered as must-have-item in our bag!

So, please do not hesitate to become the member in SeAMK Library! Then, you can receive the special offers and benefits from there!


Step 1: fill in the application form in advance.

Step 2: choose the library where you can pick up.

Step 3: wait for the confirmation email.

Step 4: come to visit the library and present your ID card.

Note: the first library card is free of charge. However, the replacement fee for the new one is 5 euros.

For further information about the other charges and fees, you can check it out on this link:

Please come to our library, explore, and be harmony with the studying atmosphere in SeAMK Library. I truly believe that you definitely love it at the first sight!

Vy Tran, Student Ambassador.




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