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SeAMK Students' Journey at the Intensive Program in Sibiu, Romania

Two people in a picture.
SeAMK Students and Promoters (Jenny and Ville).

In the spring, there were 11 determined students from Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) International Business program, who set out on a transformative trip to Sibiu, Romania from April 22 to 26, 2024. This was part of Erasmus+ short mobility program.

SeAMK students participated in the ‘Practical Business Skills: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset’ Blended Intensive Programme in Sibiu.

This program, a collaborative effort was organized by “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu and their joined partners from Finland, Germany, and Poland. It was made to be more than just an academic exercise; it was an incubator for future business leaders.

Two of our SeAMK Promoters were among the participants – Jennylyn Carlos, a second-year BBA student in international business hailed from the Philippines and a second-year business management student Ville Leppämäki from Finland.

Group picture.
Team Finland (SeAMK) visiting Alba Carolina Citadel fortress in Alba Iulia in Romania.

The intensive program was more than just studying

All participants were divided into five groups, each made up of a diverse nationality. This effort was a practical test of their creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial mindset, not just an implementation of their theoretical knowledge.

The five-day intensive program was not just about business planning, lectures, and presentations. Participating students were able to visit the beautiful places in Sibiu as well as experience the local taste and flavors of Romania. Students also had the chance to learn things from other cultures and make new contacts from another countries. Best moments of the programme were when all of the students just hanged out in the hotel lobby together.

The final group task was to develop a business plan and innovative product to sell on Sibiu Christmas market. The Sibiu Christmas market awaited participants innovative ideas and that’s what they gave them. On Thursday, the final task of the week was to present the week’s work. Each group had a representative to pitch in their business ideas to the investors.

Group picture.
Team Finland at awarding of certifications event.

Jenny & Ville
SeAMK students and promoters