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Monday Motivation


Hello everyone!

It is Monday again. Work, Uni or School has started again for each and everyone. We all know that Mondays are not seen as a favourite day of the week for many people, simply because the funny & relaxing days have passed by so fast (the weekend!). I used to think like that too. This mindset was so annoying because every Sunday instead of being happy for a new week coming up, i rather chose to complain and be sad about the next day being a Monday.

I got to a point in my life where I gradually started developing a different mindset and I started asking myself: „Why is Monday not my favourite day of the week?“ The final answer I got, at the end of the day, was that I have no actual reason for that. I might talk about mindset issues in another blog. Today I would like to put my focus on my „Everyday Confidence“-Book which gives me different methods and quotes each and every day of the year to boost my confidence. Now I want everybody around me and reading this to boost their confidence too.

Today is the 18th November 2019 which is Day 322 of 365. My Book says: „Define your values – What really matters to you? What are your life values? Once you have defined these make a list of everything in your life that goes against them. Living contrary of your values is a fast track to negativity and feelings of low self-worth. So today identify one thing you could do to make your life step back in line with your values.“ I absolutely love this advice of today. Having values in life is really important. Every human being has values, but not every human being sits down to define them. It is so important to know what you like or what you don’t like. As time is passing by so fast it is important for every upcoming adult to define his or her values. Somebody might ask „why?“ now. In life we will encounter many situations and many people. If we don’t know our values we might act wrong in unexpected situations and have lots of misunderstandings with people. Let me give you an example: One of my life values is being grateful for everything I have no matter how rich or how poor I am. So having this value it is hard for me to have friends around me who attach their happiness to material things only and who always complain about not having certain things in their life. I understand that in life you have goals (I have to!) but one thing people need to understand is material things don’t define your heart. Material things should not define your character. So in order to strenghten my gratefulness I surround myself by people who see gratefulness as important as I do. People influence People. In today’s age Social Media has an impact on people too. For that reason one shouldn’t be following pages which are not of value for oneself. Negativity and a feeling of low self-worth go hand in hand. I have noticed that many people in my generation suffer from that. Many people get stressed easily, worry and become negative in situations which were not expected. The secret to become an optimist is the definition of one’s values and the changing of the mindset.

So my message today for you is really short: Define your values & change your negative mindset.

M-M. Aboagye

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