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Hello everyone!

Today we are going to learn something about our mindsets. Every single day we wake up from our beds it is in our hands how our day is going to be like. Personally I feel like too many people are not serious about this issue. That is the reason why many people are not constantly happy in their lives. Just keep on reading and let us learn something.

The question is „What is a mindset?“ Mindset is a word we use on a daily basis. But how many people are concerned about their mindset on a serious note? I have been in that position talking about mindset all day long but not being serious about it. Recently I am on my way to develop the best mindset for myself and already it is helping me a lot. It is helping me to live a more healthy and happy life. Saying „healthy“ I am not referring to food, I will explain in the following.

Mindset? A word consisting of actually two words, „mind“ and „set“. Let us first talk about the „mind“. Our mind is what exists up there in our heads. Our mind can be seen as equal as our brain. Whatever we say comes from our mind or our brain. Whatever we think comes from our mind or our brain. So our mind is the place from where every good or bad comes from next to our hearts.

Set? A „set“ can be seen as a noun or an adjective describing something fixed, planned or put together to become something.

So basically, our mindset can be seen as „something“ put together in our head to become the final „mindset“. This is a short informal description of the word „mindset“ from my side. But why is the mindset so important to me and why should it be important to you too? I need to try my best and keep this as short as I can. In today’s day and age of Social Media people lose their focus so easily and fast. People forget to love themselves and rather compare themselves to others and conclude that they are worth nothing. People get stressed, annoyed and unmotivated 24/7. People attach their happiness to seasons such as summer. When something bad happens people automatically feel bad, that is the nature of human-beings. When something good happens people automatically feel some type of Joy. When people tell us something good or bad about ourselves, that is what we believe. I got to a point in my life where I realised that this world is never going to please us at all times. So many situations where we face situations like the following: „Your grades are not good enough to visit this school/university“; „you are not qualified enough to do this certain job“; „you are black/white so you can’t do this…“ and many other sentences like this. But should this mean we should quit then? Simply because I am not able to visit this University for instance, am I not able to visit another? Should I believe it and give up on my calling or my dream? Is there only one way to reach this particular destination? Many people would say „yes“ or „maybe“ but I proudly say no! If way „A“ didn’t work for you, try way „B“. We can not and should not be listening to people all the time. We need to know ourselves best, so that it gets hard to distract us and demotivate us. The moments we don’t know ourselves well enough, are the moments we can easily be pulled down. We need to know and learn that every human being is great as he or she is. We all share flaws and our great abilities. It is okay to fall short. The most important thing is that one learns from its‘ shortcomings.

Every single morning as human beings who take decisions in every single thing they do, it is our choice to be happy and motivated or in a bad mood. I am not saying that being in a bad mood is not human or is forbidden. Emotions like these are in our nature but one thing I am learning is „we need to set our minds!“ Unexpected situations may come our way. A stressful day at work/uni is not avoidable, a quarrel with a friend/family member is not preventable neither, a loss will surely happen. We can not control situations but what we can control is our mindset. The way we respond to situations and act accordingly shows how our mind is set. Some years ago I told myself that I want to become an optimist. An optimist sees almost everything positive and believes in the good. This doesn’t mean that an optimist doesn’t face life issues as any other human being. An optimist goes through all situations as everybody but the only difference is the mindset. Being in University helps me develop a positive mindset a lot. Yes, there are times students write bad grades and get disappointed and sad. In my eyes I have also written a grade which didn’t make me content before. I was so sad but then I had two options: option one was to continue being sad till it stops someday & do nothing about it and option 2 was to be sad for a second, find out what the reason was for my bad grade and study better or differently for the next exam.

Long story short: Our mindset is really vital. We become what we believe and what we tell ourselves. When you wake up in the morning decide to be happy and more relaxed no matter what and see how your life will change for better.

Lovely regards,

M-M. Aboagye

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