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Insight in my Courses, part 7

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Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Today we are continuing with my series of „Insight in my courses“. The course I am going to talk about in the following is called „Business in the EU“. This course only took place in one week which was week 39. It took place from Monday till Thursday for 3 hours 30 minutes. The lecturer was a lecturer from a partner university in Germany, Aschaffenburg. Furthermore, this lecture was credited with 3 ECTS. At the end of the course we did not have a written exam but we needed to submit a report which would be graded.

Basically in this course we focused on the trade and benefits in the EU. Most of the times we were in groups doing assignments such as presenting a company which trades in the EU or presenting a country who wants to be part of the EU but is not yet. Our main focus were the economical aspects of the European Union. In the first lecture the lecturer distributed a sheet of paper on which we had a lot of basic questions written about the EU. By doing that he wanted us to brainstorm everything we know about the EU before we go more into detail. We clarified specific terms too at the beginning. In the first lecture the lecturer gave us chosen countries and wanted us to work certain criterias out for them. This task was done in a group work. The main topic was „Joining the EU“. In the second lecture the lecturer distributed companies to us. These companies are either trading within the EU or have been trading within the EU in the past. The criterias we needed to take into consideration were a lot. That is why we used the 2nd and 3rd lecture to work the presentation out. In the 4th and last lecture each group presented their results.

„Business in the EU“ was a short course but a really intensive course. In the 4 days we learned a lot about the trade inside the EU and the benefits that come with it. The lecturer intensified our knowledge by the topics we need to work on for the report. The report was mainly about the institutions of the EU and their meaning.

I absolutely loved this course. To me it was like a sneak peek into one of the most important union of the world – the European Union.

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