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Insight in my Courses, part 5

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Hello everyone!

To be continued.. Another course I had is called „International Business Operations and Strategies“. This course started in week 37 and ended in week 41. „International Business Operations and Strategies“ is credited with 6 ECTS. Basically this course was also taught by two lectures and in two parts. I had 9 lectures in this course, 4 of the first part and 5 in the second part. In this course there was no written exam but a graded group presentation and a report accordingly.

The course was basically about knowing how a company can expand from their home country into another. We learned about businesses over borders. As the name perfectly says we learned about how businesses operate or work internationally and what strategies they use in order to embark on foreign markets. Our task was to choose a company and a product of their product range and find a way to export it to a chosen country.

The emphasis on the first part was on international operations. We had 4 lectures: in the first lecture we formed our groups and in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lecture we were constantly working on our presentations. After the 4th lecture we had the first presentation where we needed to introduce the chosen company, do a product and country analysis, tell about our desired mode of operations and finally choose how we will enter the specific market. The good thing about this presentation was if one had successfully completed the first part, part 2 was not of a challenge. The second part was emphasising more on the strategies. The question we needed to answer there was how our company will enter the market. We basically should work out the steps our company should take. It was really interesting and so practically oriented.

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