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GrowUp Students


Good evening!

Today has been such a great day at SeAMK. Today the competition „GrowUp-Students“ took place and it was more than exciting to listen to so many amazing Business Ideas presented in a 3-minutes Pitch. Apart from the amazing Business Ideas, we also had a guest speaker who is an entrepreneur and the founder of PRP telling us about his astonishing business. I believe that every competitor was nervous before holding the pitch. All I can say is that each and everyone was amazing in his or her own way. I would like to congratulate everyone who took part at this competition, thank the audience and last but not least thank the Jury for making this possible and the constructive and friendly feedbacks!

„Watch your internal dialogue – Sometimes your inner voice can be your own worst critic, and an essential component of building self-confidence and therefore courage is to be kind to yourself. So next time your inner voice tells you „I’m a failure“ or „I can’t do this,“ simply switch it around. Say „I can do this!“ Believe it, and you can.“

Good night!

M-M. Aboagye

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