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Futsal at SeAMK

Wallsport Arena

Hello everyone!

Today is Thursday and actually Thursdays are one of my favourite days because I got to play Futsal at the Areena. Futsal is organised by Samosports. Futsal is not the only sports which takes places on Thursdays. At 6 pm Zumba takes place to at the Campus Building. Playing Futsal and visiting the Gym are my favourite activities to do here in Seinäjoki. I would therefore recommend to visit the Gym (I never used to go to the gym in Germany because I play soccer and I love the field but I established the love for the gym over here in Finland!) and try Futsal out too.

My experience playing Futsal almost every Thursday has just been great. Every Thursday when Futsal takes place I get to meet new people. Most of the people playing Futsal are Finns and guys. Amongst 15 – 20 people coming together to play Futsal, sometimes there are 3 or 2 girls. Futsal is indoor soccer and is played with a small ball. The first time I played Futsal it was so exciting for me. In Germany I play outside on the pitch and the size of the ball is so different. Frankly speaking I find Futsal even more exhausting but I am still loving it. As mentioned Futsal takes places only once a week. Most of the guys over here love playing soccer and therefore, the Wallsport Areena is used outside of Futsal. Gavin (another Student Ambassador of this year) organised an international soccer match amongst us some weeks ago. It was nice beyond measures. He organised this by using our WhatsApp Group consisting of approximately 200 People and he told the Finns the Thursday before when we met for Futsal. It was really nice to see many nationalities such as the Germans, Italians, Spains, Finns and many other come together to share one passion which is soccer! I really loved this get-together. I will include some Pictures and Videos to let you have an insight.

Lovely regards,

M-M. Aboagye

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