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Chosen SeiEs Events: Nexus + Smart Ladies


Hello everyone!

We are at the beginning of december (Christmas is approaching!) and at the end of november SeiES (Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society) had organised two events which at the end of the day turn out to be my favourite events i attended to from SeiES. These events were Nexus and Smart Ladies. Beforehand I would like to thank SeiES for the effort and love they are showing at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

At the beginning I would like to talk about the event Smart Ladies. Smart Ladies is an event organised by female board members of SeiES. I have been participating in Smart Ladies two times since I am in Seinäjoki and I absolutely love it. I will miss events like that. Smart Ladies is an event exclusively for women. At this event we talked about the role of women in the business environment. Talking about the role of women in the business environment was our main topic but besides that we also talked about the role of a woman in the general society. At the 1st Smart Ladies event this autumn semester all of us women who were there felt like a whole community. We discussed about topics which are not often discussed about. We could all feel the same and it was nice to relate to certain situations. The second Smart Ladies event was so overwhelming to me. A female guest speaker was invited to tell about her experience as a business woman in the business environment. I absolutely love her! She didn’t only tell about her work experience but also about her life experience. By doing that she encouraged us, women, so much and she made clear that everything is possible. Her life story just got me in tears! I personally call this event the best event i visited from SeiES, not because I didn’t like the other events (in fact I loved all SeiES events) but this was the event with the most value for me. Being a woman nowadays is easier than back in the days. Nevertheless, woman are still somehow seen inferior and i love seeing woman being independent and doing their own thing regardless.

My second favourite event of SeiES is called Nexus. I don’t even know where to start when talking about Nexus.. the location of it was just insane! Nexus was held in the OmaSP Stadium. I will include a picture for you to see how beautiful the venue was. This event was aimed to have personal insights into various businesses. I think we had 4 people talking about their businesses and introducing their company. I personally loved it because it is always something different when someone tells you about their personal experience as an entrepreneur or when you just read about business experiences in a book. It wasn’t just an event where the entrepreneuers talked about their experiences. We had a lot of interactions and food was offered too. In a previous blog i already mentioned that SeiES always offers food at their events.

By mentioning my two favourite SeiES events I would like to take this opportunity andd express my sincere gratitude to SeiES. I am truly sad for just being part of SeiES for the short period of time I have been in Seinäjoki. SeiES consists of great board members and the team is just excellent. They are all so welcoming and joyful and it never gets boring with them. Thank you SeiES for this priceless experiences I could make with your team. I am grateful.

Lovely regards,


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