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Recommendations at Seinäjoki - around Seinäjoki


Good afternoon everyone!

Today I would like to talk about things one should definitely do in Seinäjoki, Finland or other countries in Scandinavia. I would like to emphasize on the things I have done or will do in the first place and after that I would like to mention some things done by my colleagues.

The Seinäjoki City Center is not so big but it offers great shopping possibilities by offering 3 shopping centres with excellent shops. So once you are in Seinäjoki the City Center should definitely be visited. Apart from that there are awesome restaurants such as the Holy Smoke or American Diner. Holy Smoke offers an „All-you-can-eat“-Buffet and American Diner offers student friendly prices when you download the App „“. Both restaurants have an excellent customer service and super friendly waitresses. Another excellent thing to see at Seinäjoki is the stadium. At the beginning of this Autumn Semester SeAMK University offered tickets at a discount. So I went there with my colleagues to watch Seinäjoki’s team play. It was such a pleasure and the stadium is big and beautifully constructured. Next to the stadium is the Wallsport Arena which offers an indoor football pitch to play at. One just needs to pay € 2 to play there. Very cool. Every Sunday I visit the beautiful Lakeuden Risti Church. It is beautiful inside and outside. You can even arrange an appointment to do a tour at the church. Last week I was able to visit a school at Preseinäjoki. This opportunity was granted by Tiina who organised this with a teacher of the school. It was such an honour & if it is possible in every semester, I would definitely recommend to visit a school in Seinäjoki. Some weeks ago some colleagues and I was given free tickets to an Ochestra concert. This was also worth an experience and offered by SeAMK. These are so far the main places I have visited and seen so far and there are more things to do and see here. Let’s look at the things outside Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki is a great starting point to travel to Vaasa, Tampere, Turku, Helsinki, Lapland, Stockholm (Sweden), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Tallinn (Estonia). Travelling from Seinäjoki to Vaasa by train takes approximately 2 hours. Vaasa is a beautiful city which is really small. A day trip to Vaasa is perfectly good. Vaasa offers great beaches and a great city center with nice restaurants. Tickets to Vaasa are not so expensive (From € 6 to € 15). Tampere, Turku, Helsinki, Lapland and Tallinn are cities I have not visited yet due to time but I might visit them before leaving Finland. According to my colleagues they all loved Tampere, Turku, Helsinki and Tallinn. Lapland is up next and I believe that they will also enjoy it. Travelling to St. Petersburg from Seinäjoki takes around 5 hours. There are two ways to travel there: one can travel by train. That is what I did and for that they required a visa. The other way is to travel by ship which doesn’t require a Visa. St. Petersburg is seriously an attraction to see. Such a beautiful & big city. Big is not even a word. There are so many places to see at St. Petersburg. The same impression I have of St. Petersburg is the same impressions I have for Moscow. Moscow is truly big & just insane. A place to visit to. Sweden and Norway are beautiful countries too & definitely countries to visit!! I love the Nordic Countries.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Stay tuned for the next blog!

Lovely regards,

M-M. Aboagye

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